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Type Planet
Location Sol solar system, Kuiper belt

Yuggoth, the "Star of Omen" [1] is a celestial body in the outer solar system along the orbit of the Kuiper belt. Yuggoth is inspired the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft and is where the game Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft takes place.

Yuggoth's original inhabitants are thought to be the Mi-go race.

Characteristics[edit source | hide | hide all]

Yuggoth and orbiting bodies

Yuggoth is a dwarf planet with three moons: Thok, Thog and Nithon. Additionally in outer orbit is an interstellar gateway[2] called The Rift. In 2137 during the events of Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft, the Archimedes Orbital Station operated by S.P.E.S. forces is parked in low Yuggoth orbit.

The northern hemisphere is a relatively hospitable environment referred to as theRemaine. In this region exists the modern civilization known as Neo England with 5 cities including Neo Innsmouth, Neo Kingsport, Neoburyport and Neo Rhode Island.

Engulfing the southern hemisphere of Yuggoth is an inhospitable region known as the Phlegethon.

Exploration[edit source | hide]

Once hypothesized by Caltech astronomers as the elusive Planet X, Yuggoth's discovery was accredited to the Carl Sagan Space Telescope launched in the year 2049. [1]

Inspirational Literature[edit source | hide]

Yuggoth is the planet where the extraterrestrial Mi-go have established a colony. The Mi-go's city sits at the edge of a pit wherein dwells an ancient and horrifying entity feared by the Mi-Go. They periodically abandon the city on those occasions when it rises from the pit and can be seen directly. The being Cxaxukluth, along with Tsathoggua and his parents, migrated to Yuggoth from Xoth. A dysfunctional family in their own right, Cxaxukluth's progeny abandoned their patriarch and sought refuge deep in the bowels of Yuggoth, owing to Cxaxukluth's cannibalistic tendencies. Soon thereafter they fled Yuggoth, though Cxaxukluth still dwells there to this day. [3] Yuggoth itself hung directly overhead, obscenely bloated and oblate, its surface filling the heavens... and all the time pulsing, pulsing, pulsing like an atrocious heart, throbbing, throbbing. —Richard A. Lupoff, "The Discovery of the Ghooric Zone—March 15, 2337" [3]
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