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Vestal virgins are elite temple guards of the church. Genetically enhanced from embryo and trained from birth, they are closest to the definition of perfect human beings. Vestals wield spears crafted from Tok'l metal extracted on Yuggoth, the distinct physical properties of the rare mineral makes them capable of damaging entities from another dimension.

Vestals rarely leave the Providence Cathedral in Neo Rhode Island. They keep a sacred eternal flame brought from Earth in the Cathedral's grandiose reliquary hall to ensure that the Shining Trapezohedron is never submerged in shadow - the old god Nyarlathotep's avatar, the infamous Haunter of Dark will manifest itself and regain freedom if the ominous stone is put in complete darkness. Once a summon ceremony is called, the Vestals will move the Shining Trapezohedron from the Reliquary Hall to the lightless Advent Hall, where the conjuration commences under the supervision of Augurs. The Vestals' duty implies an interesting profile of the Church's agenda: Are they worshiping the alien god, or rather, imprisoning it?[1]

Vestal Virgins
Vestal Virgins.jpg
Gender female
Birth Date
Body Type
Eye Color
Breast Size
Faction Church of Starry Wisdom
Story Role elite temple guard
Combat Role
Japanese VA

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In ancient Rome, the Vestals or Vestal Virgins (Latin: Vestālēs, singular Vestālis [wɛsˈtaːlɪs]) were priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the hearth. The College of the Vestals and its well-being were regarded as fundamental to the continuance and security of Rome. They cultivated the sacred fire that was not allowed to go out. The Vestals were freed of the usual social obligations to marry and bear children and took a 30-year vow of chastity in order to devote themselves to the study and correct observance of state rituals that were forbidden to the colleges of male priests. [2]

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