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Gender female
Birth Date
Body Type fit
Eye Color
Breast Size C Cup (unknown)
Faction Church of Starry Wisdom
Story Role priestess, physician, confessions
Combat Role
Japanese VA

A Sanatrix is a priestess and physician adopting the Church of Starry Wisdom's doctrine and technology. Sanatrix also hear confession and give psychological counseling to treat the most common affliction among the followers: madness.[1]

Inspirational Literature[edit source | hide | hide all]

An external literature source for the name Sanatrix has not yet been noted to date, but is potentially a play on words including:
  1. From Latin senātrīx, the feminine form of senātor.[2]
  2. The suffix -trīx is added to a verb to create a third-declension feminine form of an agent noun.[3]
  3. From sānus (“sound in body or mind”). [4]
This information suggests the definition of 'Sanatrix' in Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft is a female authority on health, i.e. 'sanitation' in English.

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Interactive model for Sanatrix was published on ArtStation in late summer 2020.