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Gender female
Birth Date
Body Type fit
Eye Color
Breast Size C Cup
Faction Church of Starry Wisdom
Story Role scribe, researcher
Combat Role
Japanese VA

The Sacerdos is a female enemy from the Church of Starry Wisdom that appears in the Eroge game Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft.

The following is an excerpt from the developer Project Helius on this character:
The Sacerdos is a scribe and researcher affiliated with the church's seminary, tasked with recording and interpreting the abstruse riddlelike messages left by the Haunter of the Dark in a successful summon ceremony held by the Augur. They also travel to distant lands to acquire ambiguous relics and ancient tomes for preserving and researching. Most of them have higher education background before being admitted to the seminary.

It was rumored that Nyarlathotep helped us create the pyramids and the nuclear bomb. Regardless of the rumor's credibility, the church's pact with the elusive Outer God has yielded unimaginable benefits to humanity - the space craft that could travel at one thousandth of light speed which made the Yuggoth expedition possible, for instance.

Some of the Sacerdos sacrificed their sanity in the process. At times the arcane knowledge disclosed by Nyarlathotep is so detrimental to mental stability that merely understanding it leads to irreversible brain damage. This dire challenge was eventually overcome by a joint research program held by the church and Miskatonic University when a young neuroscientist invented a device that could efficiently process and replace the traumatic image one perceived with a safer version to prevent synaptic dysfunction - the cognitive filter.[1]

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A sacerdos (plural sacerdotes, a word of either masculine or feminine gender) was any priest or priestess, from *sakro-dho-ts, "the one who does the sacred act." There was no priestly caste in ancient Rome, and in some sense every citizen was a priest in that he presided over the domestic cult of his household. Senators, magistrates, and the decurions of towns performed ritual acts, though they were not sacerdotes per se. The sacerdos was one who held the title usually in relation to a specific deity or temple.[2]

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