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The Lloigor is an invisible, flying reptile like opponent in the eroge game Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft.

Initially the Lloigor appears to have advanced augmentations, most notably it's jaws, mouth and phalice have been heavily modified or completely replaced.

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Alet and Lloigor demonstrating the effects of cumflation/pregnancy.

The Lloigor due to its size is an aggressive sexual partner and is capable of inflating the abdomens of it's victims.

Inspirational Literature[edit source | hide]

Generic art for Lloigor.
The following is an excerpt from lovecraft.fandom.com:
The Lloigor are vortices of living power completely invisible except on occasions when they appear reptilian. They came from Andromeda, first settling in Lemuria and Mu. They used humans as slaves (see the Kthatans ), have the power to transform people physically and can adopt corporal bodies if they wish. They are sometimes called “the invisible ones from the stars” and may be the same as the flying polyps. They were ruled by Ghatanothoa possibly through mating with god Lloigor.[1]

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