Hound of Tindalos

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Hound of Tindalos
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Biology xenobeast
Birth Date
Body Type ethereal canidae
Eye Color
Breast Size
Story Role
Combat Role
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The Hound of Tindalos is a xenobeast enemy in the eroge game Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft. This character is inspired by the works of Frank Belknap Long and H. P. Lovecraft.

The biography for this character is currently a Patron only post. View the source for more info.[1]

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A Hound of Tindalos is a fictional creature created by Frank Belknap Long and later incorporated into the Cthulhu Mythos when it was codified by August Derleth. They first appeared in Long's short story "The Hounds of Tindalos", first published in the March 1929 issue of Weird Tales. Lovecraft mentions the creatures in his short story "The Whisperer in Darkness" (1931). [2]