Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft/Versions

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Version Release Date Link Summary
V0.10 07JUN19 Patreon Debute, introduce Alet & new technology including collision driven genitals. Build platform "Paralogue" for the new game.
V0.16 30JUN19 Patreon Added new sex partner "Sylph" and general improvements I.E. physics + VR build.
V0.17 31JUL19 Patreon Ported updated Erika to Paralogue. General detail enhancements and U.I. additions.
V0.18(a) 26AUG19 Patreon Added generic male actor "Dreamer" & "Great Race of Yith." Additional revisions and camera controls.
V0.185 01SEP19 Patreon Long list of fixes and improvements and an additional sex scene.
V0.19 01OCT19 Patreon Several new sex scenes. Graphic and audio settings. Title screen.
V0.195 18OCT19 Patreon 4 new sex scenes for Erika. Several graphical effects I.E. saliva, cloth physics and VR improvements.
V0.20 17NOV19 Patreon Introduced "Mi-Go Nymph," and several new sex scenes and outfit additions as well as other general improvements.
V0.21 22DEC19 Patreon Several new sex scenes and voice additions. Other general fixes.
V0.22 29JAN20 Patreon UI overhaul, several new sex scenes, other general QOL improvements.
V0.23 27FEB20 Patreon Introduces new partner "Deep One Hybrid."
V0.24 01APR20 Patreon Added new character "Dr. Anya" and several new sex scenes.
V0.25 30APR20 Patreon Improvements to Dr. Anya, new sex scenes. Experimenting with file packing for downloads.
V0.255 03MAY20 Patreon Hotfix patch and optimizations.
V0.26 30MAY20 Patreon Introduces Lloigor, workshop location, new sex scenes, camera and QOL controls.
V0.27* 01JUL20 Patreon Preview build for V0.27, introduces the Byakhee , Dr. Anya's first outfit and 9 sex scenes.
V0.27b 03JUL20 Patreon Official V0.27 build. Various fixes, experimental monster precum, remade ErikaXHybrid scene and 2 new scenes.
V0.28 30JUL20 Patreon 9 new sex scenes, introduces ahego expressions for Alet, Anya and Erika. Banya Bathrobe for Anya.
V0.29 31AUG20 Patreon 7 new scenes for Anya, 2 other scenes, introduces Elder Thing and other QOL fixes.
V0.30 30SEP20 Patreon Introduced Ghast and 9 new sex scenes, last update focused primarily on Erika, Alet & Dr. Anya before the campaign etc.
V0.31 24OCT20 Patreon 9 new scenes, Erika's Erotes dancewear; French, German & Spanish translations; VR and performance fixes.
V0.31a 27OCT20 Patreon Additional fixes
V0.32 30NOV20 Patreon 10 new scenes, new outfit for Dr. Anya and Korean localization
V0.33 28DEC20 Patreon 8 new scenes, revamped butt physics, dynamic semen effects, new outfits for Alet and Erika
V0.34 30JAN21 Patreon Dr. Anya's Voivode Command Uniform, 9 new scenes, optimizations.