Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft

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Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft
Developer Project Helius
Platform PC
Availability Patreon, Steam early access in 2021
Story Mode TBA (in progress)
Combat TBA (in progress)
Sex Scenes In development, active releases available through Patreon
Disclaimer Unofficial game description

Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft is an erotic computer game developed by Project Helius. It's early development builds have been released through Patreon and will be formally published through Steam. The game will feature a campaign that changes with each play-through with the additional option for multiplayer support.

Featuring a handful of unique and high fidelity female heroins including our beloved Erika, Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft takes place in a lore-filled, futuristic space age world. The game revolves around a team of Special Forces comprising mostly of female androids against cultist male, female and hordes of strange mythical enemies inspired by Lovecraftian horror. The player witness explicit sexual experiments and takes action in X COM style combat scenarios as they progress through the story.

Game-play[edit source | hide | hide all]

Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft is slated to have hundreds of sex scenes including multiplayer capable gang-bangs, card collection, turn based combat on hexagonal maps and several regions to explore.

The game can be played using a traditional desktop computer running Windows 10 and is optionally fully compatible with popular PC gaming VR headsets.

Campaign[edit source | hide]

The following is a direct quote from Project Helius: [1]
During the Campaign you play as the acting commander of SPES (Special Purpose Emergency Squad), Dr.Anya, to direct the field investigations, allocate the strategic resources and guide the military forces in a frontier colony ravaged by mad dreams and eldritch corruption at the edge of solar system.[2]

You will need to carefully balance your standing among the four dominating factions in the Neo England Colony and make diplomatic decisions to secure their support. In each Campaign playthrough you may choose one field operative among your team under your direct control to conduct tactical missions on the surface of Yuggoth while others provide support and pursue investigations when you take command in the Archimedes Station from the orbit. Each operative has their own initial faction standing bonus and perk related to their background: [2]

The Bureau (Erika, former Bureau agent)

The Viceroyalty (Alet, officer of Neo Arkham Police Department)

DMAIC (Galatea, DMAIC's incident response specialist)

Miskatonic University (Dr.Anya, scientist-explorer affiliated with the University)

Dr.Anya will be unlocked as a playable field operative after you beat the game with one of other main characters. The idle characters not under your direct command can be appointed as the secretary to help you with the mission.[2]

Each character provides unique passive perk and make part of their tactic card deck available to the main character while being the secretary, so picking a different partner will make the gameplay change dramatically even if you play as the same main character in different campaign runs.[2]
Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft has two primary components to it's story progression, described as the 'Investigation phase' and 'Combat phase'.[3]

Players compete against the Doom Clock's countdown while managing resources, taking actions and traveling on the strategic map with the objective to slow the countdown and prevent the Ancient One from awakening. Each play-through faces you against a different Ancient One which you will be challenged to unveil. Once the Doom Clock reaches zero, a Doomsday Event related to the Ancient One will descend on the world, some making the game much more difficult with detrimental penalties applied for the remainder of the game while other Doomsday Event might cause total annihilation and end the game.

Multiplayer[edit source | hide]

Bacchanal Therapy[4] pulls Dreamers out of the dream of void and into a simulated orgy party simulated by Dr. Anya. Players can open private or multiplayer rooms allowing other players to join. Player ID's in multiplayer sessions are hidden by default and communication in game is limited to requesting that other players join in a 3-way. Players will also have the option of setting themselves to 'NPC' mode to disable all notifications so they may participate in peace.

In Bacchanal Therapy players will have several usable maps including two large maps dedicated to Harem Mode with sessions being able to handle up to 16 players at a time. After 3-ways, players can give each-other "likes" which will show up next to their status icon, visible to everyone in the session. "Likes" can later be spent to unlock special multiplayer costumes for the female characters.

Additionally, during multiplayer sessions, players will be able to take part in sex acts anywhere on the maps or wander around to spectate other players.

Development[edit source | hide]

Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft takes the best of what Project Helius learned with Fallen Doll: Origin and revamped everything. Along with next-generation fidelity, Project Helius has developed responsive life-like genitalia, skin press deformation and world class art assets... nothing has been spared, even to the extend of formally hiring voice actors. For Operation Lovecraft,Project Helius has announced the development of a MOCAP studio to ensure life-like animation.

Project Helius has stated that porting updated content from Fallen Doll: Origin to Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft is being considered.

June 30th originally marked the last day for the $24 per-order pricing before Steam Key reservations increased to $36 USD, how-ever the price increase was delayed until August of 2020. Additionally news was published on www.ProjectHelius.com that Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft would now be published to Steam Early Access in early 2021 instead of 2020, this is likely due to the impact that COVID-19 has had on production. The website also suggests that the Steam key reservation cost is a 33% discount of the final price suggesting a retail value of approximately $54 USD.

On July 30th, 2020 during the release of Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft version 0.28, Project Helius announced that the plans for the MOCAP studio would now be moved to Japan or China "where the pandemic has been more successfully contained." At the time, a date or scope of impact these changes have on development are unknown. Additionally it was also announced that Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft would feature multi-player. [5]

Bundles[edit source | hide]

February Supporter Bundle (2021)[edit source | hide]

  • Erika - Orthodox Bunny Girl
  • Alet - Boyfriend's Shirt
  • Dr. Anya - Year of the Ox
  • Galatea - Unboxing Boxing Day

March Supporter Bundle (2021)[edit source | hide]

  • Alet: Reverse Bunny Girl
  • Erika: Racing Undine
  • Galatea: Sukumizu
  • Dr. Anya: No Entry

Music[edit source | hide]

Title Description Link Composer
Witch Hunt Patreon only post Patreon Unknown
Artificial Valiance Patreon only post Patreon Unknown
A Memory Beyond GameJolt (demo page) Unknown
Predawn Patreon only post Patreon Unknown

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