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This page contains information as to the content that is acceptable on Erikapedia. This policy can be updated or changed with out notice.

General topics[edit source | hide | hide all]

  1. Topics should be relevant to Project Helius and their games.
  2. Erikapedia at this time does not serve the purpose of documenting other games and developers, how-ever content and references may be used when drawing comparisons and contrast.
  3. Erikapedia contains content that may be categorized as erotic, nudity, gaming, pornography or eroge. Erikapedia how-ever is not intended to be used as a pornographic gallery; files, media and links should be displayed in a manner that is helpful for readers to further understand the articles published here.

Neutrality[edit source | hide]

  1. Erikapedia, while being a source of information regarding a particular topic may have an inherent bias or favor, articles regarding their respective topic should be written and published in a neutral tone with facts. Content should not attempt to persuade the readers opinion.
  2. Aside from discussing official sources or linking to such sources, over-promotion should be avoided. If you have creative content that you own and it's relevant to the topics of Erikapedia, you can do so on your profile page, subpages or experiment with your personal sandbox.

Not a source for online piracy[edit source | hide]

  1. Do not steal, copy, upload or publish content that is accessible only behind a paywall.
    • Example: A biography and image of a character accessible only for active Patrons.
  2. Copyrighted content that you do not own should only be used when it's considered fair use and when it's necessary to properly convey an article.
  3. Copied text and content in general should be limited as much as possible. Write articles in your own words and use quotes, or quoteblock markup with proper references when the content is necessary to convey meaning.
  4. Do not link to, suggest to or recommend piracy of non-free games or content.

Inappropriate Content[edit source | hide]

  1. Do not publish or upload content illegal in the United States, the UK or the country in which you reside.
  2. Do not publish or upload content that violates Erikapedia host provider's content policy.
  3. Do not write about sexual acts or content involving characters who are, or otherwise have an appearance clearly resembling an underage individual, i.e. "Loli."
    1. Example: Sexual references regarding Galatea are strictly omitted from Erikapedia.
  4. Do not upload or link to files displaying characters who are, or otherwise have an appearance clearly resembling an underage individual, i.e. "Loli." that are either nude, suggest sexual acts or displays other nude characters or creatures.
    1. Example: An image depicting Galatea fully clothed, with male phallus or other any other nude female character present.

Closing[edit source | hide]

For questions or concerns, please contact the moderation team.