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Gender female
Biology self replicating gynoid
Birth Date
Body Type fit
Eye Color
Breast Size
Faction S.P.E.S.
Story Role Station maintenance and equipment development
Combat Role
Japanese VA

Celia, short for CELluar Industrial Automaton is a supporting protagonist and member of S.P.E.S. in the eroge game Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft. Celia is described as a gynoid in charge of the Archimedes orbital station's daily maintenance as well as new equipment development. Celia is capable of self replication as a Von Neumann universal constructor.

Personality[edit source | hide]

The following is an excerpt from patreon:
Celia is straightforward, upbeat, a bit of a workaholic but also a trustworthy and cool big sis. In her free time she loves whiskey and boxing training - although Dr. Anya never mentioned in her reports, the two of them are actually pretty sweet drinking buddies.[1]

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Title Nude
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