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Biology gynoid
Birth Date
Body Type fit, busty
Eye Color baby blue
Breast Size D Cup (unknown)
Origination Germany
Faction S.P.E.S., Neo Arkham Police Department?
Story Role sentinel
Combat Role CQC, blocking, counterattack
Japanese VA

Alet is a protagonist character in the eroge game Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft. She is a gynoid, artificial human with super-human strength. She was originally deployed in the German Police Force before being transferred to S.P.E.S..
Autonome Leibwächter Einheit Testmodell, commonly referred to as Alet, was the most advanced security android deployed by German police department for reliability and performance test. Quiet, stalwart, pretty and approachable, she quickly gained the love of people and became the Bereitschaftspolizei's mascot. [1]

History[edit source | hide | hide all]

German Police[edit source | hide]

The German Police deployed Alet in the force for reliability and performance testing.[1] The police received back-lash, most notably from the Neo-Luddists after Alet was deployed as riot-control against anti-AI protesters resulting in numerous and significant injuries.[1]

Aftermath[edit source | hide]

With public back-lash mounting, Alet was forcefully decommissioned from the police force.[1]

School safety patrol[edit source | hide]

After the German Police force retirement, Alet was posted as a "Sicherheitswacht" plain-clothed school safety patrol officer where she spent years with her identity undisclosed. Her tenure was peaceful.[1]
Alet spent a few years peacefully on campus and did not reveal her identity as a robot. In her off duty time she always stayed in the library alone and was nicknamed "the reading beauty" by enamored college boys. Until one day, a glamorous girl with a ponytail came to her carrying a transfer order...[1]

Personality[edit source | hide]

Alet has the composure of a young naive woman with an upbeat deposition.

Combat[edit source | hide]

Sex[edit source | hide]

During indulgent encounters, Alet engages with a sweet and eager demeanor.

During forced encounters, her naivety plays into the role as a helpless victim.

Statistics[edit source | hide]

Choosing Alet as your primary field operative provides you a positive initial standing with The Viceroyalty.

Cards and abilities[edit source | hide]

Weapons[edit source | hide]

Outfits[edit source | hide]

Title Nude Hot Patch Academia Uniform Night Maid
Alet-Hot Patch.jpg
Alet-Academia Uniform.jpg
Alet-Nyx Stealth Suit.jpg
Description N/A Bandaids covering nipples and genitals. Hair clip & bow, short white shirt, short plaid skirt, black socks, dress shoes. Full body hosiery, short leather top, leather thong, leg holsters, knee pad, combat boots.
Games Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft
Stats N/A N/A N/A N/A

Trivia[edit source | hide]

  • Alet is a name of Dutch, German, and Scandinavian origin. Pronounced as aa-LEHT. Her name itself is an initialism of "Autonome Leibwächter Einheit Testmodell", "Autonomous Bodyguard Unit Test Model" in German.